Thank GOD I am not a cat, otherwise I would be dead, then again they do get 9!


As they say “curiosity killed the cat”! Thank goodness I am not a cat, because GOD knows that I am a very curious person. It never stops, I am always wondering about things I am confused or curious about.  For instance, I am very curious if other people wonder about their past lives, why we are here, what do we need to learn, what the future holds.

I am fascinated by the past especially royalty, but even closer, I am incredibly curious about my family’s history, perhaps it is because, I will never know about half of my heritage, because my mother was adopted, in the late 40’s, we don’t have much, if any information about her ethnicity, medical history or any history.

For a person like myself who is so curious, and needs answers to try to understand the “big” questions, to have absolutely no answers for half of my biology, is a challenge to say the least. The only people who could have had some answers, have all passed on.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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