We all have different views, thoughts and beliefs. What is important is to respect others, even when we don’t agree


It would be absurd to think that we all should or do think, desire, like, need and want the same, or should. We all come from different backgrounds, beliefs systems, and walks of earth. Not only that, we have all had different lessons, hurts, trials and tribulations, even if we have had a similar one to someone else, it doesn’t mean it affected us the same way or at all for that matter. This is when I have to remember that nothing another person says, does, or believes has anything to do with me, so why would I take it personally or be offended? This is such an easy thing for me to see, that I am amazed when I encounter someone who can’t and doesn’t want to “allow” another to have a different opinion, thought or belief than them. One of these people for me is my own Mother. Because I try not to be involved in conflict, I avoid sharing my opinion or disagreeing out loud, but within I don’t allow their opinion to be mine, I have my own thoughts and reasoning.

I think we all are entitled to think and chose for ourselves. In the end we only have to answer for ourselves.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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