Memories are both, beautiful and cruel…


Memories are both beautiful and cruel, a knife that cuts both ways.  Some bring tears of joy others bring tears of sorrow. While others make us reflect on who we were, how we once were able to feel and how we saw the world. Memories can chain us to certain events, feelings, places and people.

Memories sometimes come in inopportune times, they come in our sleep, during routine, can be triggered by a smell, a word, a feeling, a place. They can motivate us to heal or give up. They are always a thought away, some clearer than others, some happy some sad.

One thing I can say about memories is that they are my constant reminder of the past. A reminder of mistakes, achievements and lessons that I hope I have learned, some I cherish others I wish to never surface again.

The one great thing about memories is that it keeps us close to those who no longer walk beside us on earth.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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