Where are you??


Even though  I am o.k. doing things on my own, I do want to share my life with my Soulmate, my kindred spirit, my twin flame, my person.  I have looked under every rock, up to the sky and in my everyday doings. I have not found him yet! I will not give up hope, as my Soul knows he is out there looking for me too.

I have waited for him for so long, that at times it is challenging not to loose faith, that he will arrive. I pray,  that I will live the rest of my days side by side with my “person” , this is when I wish I had a crystal ball, where I can see where he is and how to find each other.

Have you ever read the book by Dr. Seuss a fellow piscean, called “Are you my mother?” reminds me of what I am constantly thinking and feeling. When the baby bird goes around, asking everyone and everything “Are you my Mother?”, I feel like I am doing that too, but instead of mother, I wonder are you my Soulmate?

Then I remind myself, that GOD will bring us together, when we are both ready. It is always at the right time, in Gods time.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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