I’m trying to figure out why…


I am trying to figure out why, I keep on attracting “friendships” and relationships with people who are abusive, mostly verbally they have come in all types, physical, mental, verbal and emotional.

Have I been a perpetrator of the same, YES! Am I proud of it, NO!!! It is something I am very aware of, and have made the changes I needed in order not to be abusive to others and not allow/except this behavior either.

I feel that when someone is abusive it has a lot to do with insecurities and fears, then of course it has to do with upbringing and behaviors that have been passed down through family, religion and previous relationships.

This is when being mindful and present in your life and realizing how your behavior is  effecting others is important to keep in mind.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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