Shaman (Part 4)


She also said, that I was closer to my Father in this life, that he was a warrior in a past life, he came to help me with my Mother.

It is very true that since the beginning of this lifetime, I had a indescribable connection with my Father, I felt my Mothers hatred towards me since forever, especially because of her jealousy about my Father and I. I do believe my relationship with both was affected by the response of each to me and their affection or lack of.

As the shaman said, how can I believe anyone could possibly love me, if my own Mother didn’t and doesn’t. I had literally said these exact words to my therapist, a couple of years ago, I read the book mentioned above. Very painful to read, but necessary for my journey.

Like they say there are no mistakes an no coincidences in life, it was and is all planned out as it should be.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 


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