Shaman (Part 5 and last)


She also said that in many past lives, I had been a Priest, a nun and a monk. Religion is important to me and seems to be a characteristic of my soul.

So, it was no coincidence I would chose to come back and spend nine years in a catholic school, even though my parents and family were not what one would describe as religious. Because of my strong faith, I have felt so many times in this lifetime, that my religion and strong beliefs have saved my life, in so many ways.

She also said I have a lot of protection from my Angels, guides, and guardians. She also mentioned that I am really attuned to them, as I have felt for awhile now.

It is nice to hear, that you have a good soul, that God has always been important to me, and that I have a lot of dharma.

Talking to her was enlightening and a huge blessing, thank you, thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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