7 Things You Need To Know Today (August 7, 2017) by Gretchen Lidicker, Associate Health Editor August 7, 2017 5:25 AM

1. Coffee art 2.0 has arrived.

And it’s even more beautiful than we imagined. One artist from South Korea, named Lee Kang-bin, recreates famous works of art like Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night. He uses food coloring and heavy cream, but we think spirulina, blue majik, and almond milk would make for a dreamy Starry Night as well. (Vogue)

2. The AMA is calling on hospitals to serve plant-based meals and nix processed meat.

A new resolution from the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates formally calls on American hospitals to improve the health of both patients and staff by providing plant-based meals and eliminating processed meats. (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

3. Got an upset stomach? Eat some protein.

New research out of Washington University School of Medicine found that a protein-rich diet results in a more tolerant gut. While more research needs to be conducted on this topic (The experiment was conducted on mice!), this could mean good news for anyone suffering from IBS. (Science Daily)

4. Maine is making moves in the fight against smoking.

The state of Maine just wrapped up their longest legislative session ever. And one bill, which will increase the legal age for purchasing tobacco products, was passed despite Gov. Paul LePage’s attempt to veto it. It won the needed two-thirds majority in both the Senate (29 to 5) and the House (90 to 44). (Press Harold)

5. If you think porn doesn’t affect your sex life, think again.

A new, albeit small, study investigating how porn affected the sex lives of young men found that early exposure to porn led to power-seeking attitudes in intimate relationships as well as more frequent changes in sexual partners, due to sexual performance anxiety. Christina Richardson, one of the researchers, said, “Sexual experiences don’t go as planned or the way they do in pornography.” (BBC)

6. This cookbook author is on a mission to end child hunger.

Cookbook author and anti-hunger advocate Leanne Brown, who has long been a proponent of helping people eat healthy on a budget, has a strong mission this summer: helping kids get the nutrients they need to grow and help their brains develop properly. She’s given away 100,000 copies of her book Good and Cheap, which helps people eat healthy on $4 per day, and she’s teamed up with Y-USA to help spread awareness about child hunger. (NPR)

7. There’s a reason babies smell so good.

We all know that newborn babies’ heads smell amazing, and the reason might just be rooted in human evolution. Experts are now saying that the smell is a biological trait babies adapted to draw in their mothers to ensure they stay well-fed and taken care of. (Science of Us)

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