Could I have ADD?

do i have add

(Sounds exactly like me!)

My brother was diagnosed at a very young age in the early 70’s. I feel I was over looked because of the gravity of his ADHD.

I met a lifelong friend today for lunch, she called me out about cutting her off when she was speaking and changing the subject. I felt a bit of shame, because she said I was ADD.  I thought about it afterwards, and think it was more that I was bored with what she was saying or not saying, not finishing stories she had started, or answering questions I had made.  Is that ADD?

I later decided to send her a text apologizing for that, because she obviously felt a certain way about it. I never think it is o.k. to hurt another persons feelings, especially if it makes them feel not heard or unimportant. Lesson learned, I will make of an effort to be patient and listen.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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