I wonder…


I often wonder how much of my personality traits are from this lifetime or of past experiences I’ve had in other lifetimes? How much of my personality is my Souls? I am sure I must carry some traits from lifetime to lifetime, an accumulative of many lifetimes and those experiences I carry on. If only I could have a conversation with my soul and God to know the answers I am so curious about.

I do know that what others see in me, is not accurate at all, but quite literally the opposite. That is why I believe so wholly in “The four agreements” one of them being, never make assumptions, the second don’t take anything personally.

I find myself questioning all the time, especially with my likes, dislikes, what I am drawn to, and my reactions to certain things, i.e. whenever I see blood on TV, movie, or in person I literally get chills, if not feel sick or faint,  I can’t eve hear about medical things because I become physically sick.

The fact I really dislike fish, eggs, olives, humidity, heat or being hot, sweating, etc. I love cold weather, I am drawn to Europe, and so on…

I wonder, wonder, wonder…

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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