What would you do???


I am curious (as usual) what others would do when faced with the person (s), who has hurt you, disrespected you and thrown you away, trying to come back in to your life.

I keep on thinking of something I read on Pinterest “God, has shown you who they are! It is true, I know that, but why then am I always willing to give people who have hurt me another chance to hurt me? I think I need to believe people can change and be better,  that maybe my absence has made them appreciate me, and love me.

My therapist told me so many times, to let go and move on. They won’t change. I have to change, but because I know I have and still am, I want to give them the benefit, that maybe they too are better, unfortunately most of them have not (98%) they feel they are in the right and justified to hurt me, making no change within themselves.

In my head I visualize it like this. They want me to drop to my knees and beg for forgiveness for something or somehow they feel I wronged them and say I am wrong and they are right. This will not happen in this lifetime.

It is not about me forgiving them, I have! It is about loving myself, forgiving myself, and taking care of ME!

I am good, loving. kind, and moving on! A dios!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 


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