So clear, yet Not!


In your face, yet not clear enough to understand. This is how I feel about some of the behaviors people exhibit.

I scratch my head (figuratively) trying my best to understand what I am supposed to get from their behaviors and actions, while trying to understand why they do or say such things.

I guess it is like the saying in Spanish goes “Cada cabeza es un mundo”, which means in every head is a world.

Trying to understand the reasoning behind it, while taking into account that what others do and say has nothing to do with someone else, is easier said than done.  I think that sometimes there are no answers to the why,  sometimes we ourselves, don’t understand what motivates us or why it does, we can struggle in trying to make sense of it, so how can someone else figure it out?

In the end we can only need to make the effort to understand ourselves, so that we can learn the lesson behind the action, behavior or words.

Also, as they say “It’s not about you, It’s about me!”

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!  



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