Trying to be “present”! In making the effort to date and find my “person” I find it harder than it was before.

I believe when it is meant to be, it will be. When GOD decides it is time, it will be. On the other hand I have to make the effort, right? Trying to make the effort to show the Universe, that I am ready, willing and open for love. Will I have to “kiss” a lot more frogs before I get the “one”? God knows that I have, so what is the deal?

I believe that we all made and agreed to our “plan” for our lives before incarnating, I am constantly wondering what I planned for myself, did I plan to do this alone? Thinking that, I feel I know myself enough that I cannot imagine me agreeing to that, or is that exactly why I could have? Because it would be so hard for me? A lesson I need, or karma I need to pay? If only I had all the answers, well I guess that would make me God, and I am not… So, I try to keep the faith that he will come when he is supposed to and continue my journey doing the best I can even if I have to do it alone, for now. It’s not like I am left with another choice. Regardless, I am not settling for just anyone, I am keeping faith and thankful I have a life to live that is glorious.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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