Geez! There I go again, getting my lips tattooed for the third time…

lips tattooed

So, I got my lips tattooed again (for the third time) this time they only used topical numbing creme, the two times before hand, I had been injected with anesthetic. I cannot believe I had forgotten the recovery as much as I did. The peeling, pain, itching and looking crazy to the outside world is significant for a few days.

In the end for the next 3-7 years I will be happy to not have to wear lipstick in order to look like I made an effort, since I am not a person who likes to wear much makeup, much less to re apply throughout the day.  I can quite literally go to the bathroom or pass up mirrors all day long and not look into them. I don’t really care. I wish I did sometimes, but I don’t, I find it frivolous and shallow.  To each is own as they say.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 


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