Follow up from yesterdays blog


“You can only give, what you have to give” very true statement. Since then I have worked really hard on myself, asking the hard questions and reflecting on the person I am, was and want to be. I am committed to healing, loving and nurturing. Finally able to commit to something, that is how important and paramount this is to me and for me.

Because my desire to be a better version of myself is overwhelming, I am continually working on loving myself so that I have love to give to others, being patient and kind with myself so that I can give that as well. I am a work in progress, but can happily say I am progressing.

I now feel love for myself and others, I tell those I love, that I do without feeling embarrassed or shy about it. My motto is if you feel it, say it! Preferably if it is positive and uplifting.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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