It’s a matter of taste…


Keeping in mind it is a matter of taste, we all have our own. For instance, I do not like fish, eggs and olives, and when I say I don’t like, I mean I really dislike them. Other people love all these, I wish I did, it would make breakfast a lot easier, it would be nice if I liked seafood, especially sushi, since I live in San Diego. Olives are an all around favorite of many, not mine.

My brother loves seafood, and eggs. Not sure about olives. Probably, since he is like “Mikey” he will eat anything. I am very different, I have to look at it, smell it, and know what it is before I will  put in my mouth.

My Grandmother, shared my dislike of seafood and olives or anything funky or unknown.

I’ve asked my Mother is she ate these foods when she was pregnant with me, to see if I could make a connection, not surprisingly she doesn’t remember, it has been a few years.

This is just another example of my curiosity. Wondering why I like what I do, and why I don’t what I don’t. So many questions, so little answers.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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