I wonder, what I intended to learn?


I would love to have a past life regression session/s. I wonder all the time, what the lessons I intended to learn are for this lifetime and what I have experienced in my past lives.

I am trying to look at the lessons, I’ve had so far and the people in my life, both present and past. The lessons, these people have shown me, and the lessons I have learned because of them.

One constant I find in my present life, are challenging personalities, that force me to step up, speak up, and show up. My personality is to avoid, avert and divert.

It has been a constant, I am surrounded by the same kind of people, and similar lessons. I would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice stream of like personalities and lessons.

It is obvious that I need to work on out and through these lessons in order to overcome them and remove the obstacles from my path.

Another constant, I have noticed is being alone. I am really ok being alone most of the time, but I am getting to the point where enough is enough. I do get sad around and on holidays for the obvious reason. I also would do much more if I had a “partner in crime”, I realize that when I did have that, I would avoid certain things out of insecurities and paralyzing depression. I feel I am finally ready to share my life and open to love and being loved. I now long to be more proactive in my own life, by getting out there and conquering the things I want to and experiencing what life has to offer. It’s time!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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