Looking back… I can see so clearly…


As I reminisce on my past self. I realize my huge insecurities, flaws, mistakes and wrong choices.

It is so much easier to look back and see things much more clearly, than to look where you are and be able to see it as it is,  or to try and look forward and imagine how we want, desire and need it to be.

I can finally see there is no reason for those insecurities, I can quiet those voices in my head, those words aren’t mine in the first place but what society, parents, friends, etc. have placed there, and I chose to keep.

I am now choosing to release those voices, and replace them with my own loving thoughts. No more renting out space in my head or life for things, thoughts or people who don’t serve my higher purpose.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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