Giving up… the chase…the game…

Why do I have to give up on relationships or give in to the thought of  ending it, that others finally take notice? Is it because, you are missing the attention, the desire and need I had to please, and now you feel the absence of it? Was it all a game to you? A game where I am the loser and you the beneficiary of my attention, time and love.

I am not about games, I am honest to the point that could hurt you without wanting to, just because of my bluntness. I know what I want and especially know what I need in my life,  which would be reciprocal love, respect and loyalty.

I am as happy in the company of one great human being ME!  I prefer not to be around selfish, narcissistic people as they only take, it is exhausting to me.

Unfortunately I have learned how to deal with narcissists as both my parents, ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends are all narcissists. I’ve learned how to be submissive, pacifying and attentive to them, so they are happy and mellow, but at the high price of my dignity, self worth and pleasure.  The most boring person to talk to and try to have any kind of meaningful conversation is with a narcissist, this is how you know you are in the presence of one, you are bored!

Sadly they are all around us, they can be difficult to point out in the beginning because they can be incredibly charming, like a snake, but be careful they show their true colors at some point, you might be so invested by that time, that your heart and soul will suffer the pain of loving one that cannot love you back.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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