Friday the 13th


On Friday March 13th 1970, I was born, so I think it is an awesome day!!!

At a glance | Why is Friday 13th deemed unlucky?

The origins of the Friday the 13th being an unlucky date are shrouded in mystery.

  • The number 13 has been considered unlucky for many years, even before Christ. The number 12 is historically considered the number of completeness (12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock…) while its older cousin, 13, has been seen as an outlier.
  • There is also a biblical reference to 13 being considered unlucky. Judas, the apostle who later betrayed Jesus, was supposedly the 13th guest to sit down at the last supper. Christ was crucified on a Friday.
  • In the 14th Century Geoffrey Chaucer referenced Friday as being an unlucky day in his Canterbury Tales, “And on a Friday fell all this mischance”.
  • It is also possible that the publication in 1907 of Thomas W. Lawson’s popular novel Friday, the Thirteenth reinforced the superstition. In the novel, an unscrupulous stock broker takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on a Friday the 13th.
  • In numerology 13 is considered to be an irregular number and is also the number of witches you need to form a coven.
  • At a glance | Friday the 13th events in history

    • Buckingham Palace was hit by five German bombs on Friday September 13 1940 with both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth coming close to being killed. One member of the royal staff died and the palace chapel was destroyed
    • A Chilean Air force plane ‘disappeared’ in the Andes on Friday 13 October 1972, with 16 survivors turning up two months later. They had been forced to eat dead passengers in order to survive
    • Rapper Tupac Shakur died of his wounds on Friday September 13 1996, six days after being shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting
    • The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground on Friday 13 in January 2012 off the western coast of Italy killing 30 people
    • Isil carried out seven coordinated terror attacks in Paris killing 130 people on the evening of Friday 13, Nov. 2015.
    • Is Friday the 13th really that bad?

      It may be the day that everyone dreads, but what about the good things that have happened on this inauspicious date?

      Here are a few:

      The weekend is nearly here!

      After every Friday 13th, comes a Saturday 14th, which can only mean one thing: the weekend is nearly upon us!

      First nudist colony founded in UK

      Britons were allowed to let it all hang out when the North Devon Club in Metherell opened on Friday 13 June, 1930. Hurrah?

    The Hollywood sign – which originally read HOLLYWOODLAND – was unveiled on Friday 13 July, 1923. It was built to advertise a housing development, but has since become one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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