The power a song has for the listener can be felt through their being. At least for me some songs do. God knows he did not give me a voice that anyone wants to hear singing, because if he did, I would be like a bird and sing from roof tops. Those family members who remember me as a child, I would force them to watch me :”perform” for them, when anyone came to my home, I would dance around like the ballerina I thought I was. Music quite literally moves me.


I was blessed, in the sense that my Mother did notice this need I had as a child, making it possible for me to take ballet, tap and jazz for 14 years, I am truly thankful to her for that, as this was my first outlet to distract my mind from the turmoil at home and the loneliness I felt. It was my way of expressing myself and get lost in the movement and music.


I feel so moved when I hear a song, that has words that I can identify with, I am sure it is like this for many if not most. Some songs can make me cry while others make me want to dance, twirl, and kick up my heals in delight. I can be in a situation or have a feeling, and in my mind it goes to song that would describe or move me in the same way.

Music to me can be magical with a force and strength that I feel deep down in my Soul.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 



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