I struggle…


I struggle with the person I see in the mirror. Some days I see my reflection and think to myself, damn I am beautiful, but mostly I look at the reflection and want to cry.

I know I have a distorted view of myself especially my body. I can go for days, weeks, months without ever looking at my body in the mirror, and the only reason I look at my face is because I am putting make up on, to hide behind.

I don’t have to think to hard to know where my dislike and insecurity about myself comes from. My mothers message to me, was that I was not worthy of being loved, liked or wanted. That I should be alone, something she said to me many times, year after year. I’ve actually have begged her not to wish that for me, yet nothing changed.

The struggle is real. I am working on overcoming it, I am a work in progress!

It helps to know I am perfect in Gods eyes.


Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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