Pre birth planning


Do you believe that you chose your life, lessons, people, health, gender, race, etc.? It is referred to as “pre birth planning” in all the books I have and am reading.

Growing up, I always heard people say, “You chose your parents”. I have been thinking about all the sayings I heard growing up, I feel they are based in some wisdom and reality. Think about it!

I wonder to myself, if I am late to the party or am I early, or just on time? Do others question and think about these things like I do? Is this curiosity normal? Why now? Is it because I am open to it? Is it because I am mature enough? or is it because I have had so many experiences that I can understand and see things differently than when I was younger?

OMG! I wish I could sit down with my Guardian Angels, here on earth to ask them all these questions, and get direction, I know they are directing, guiding and encouraging me to grow, I just wish I knew more, and learn how to expedite it. I guess that too is part of the lesson, PATIENCE! 


Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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