Past lives

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I believe 110% that we all have had past lives, we pre planned out lives and that there are no coincidences or mistakes.

So, now that we are passed that. What kind of lives do you think you had? what do you think you did? where did you live and die? How much of this lifetime is karma debt?.

Personally, through dreams, I have thought that in some lifetime ago, I was accused of something I did not do, I come to this conclusion because of the desperate feeling in my dreams to prove my innocence, this dream was recurring, but since I acknowledged that this could be a memory of my past, the dream (as far as I can remember) has stopped. I also believe that I died of hunger in another life, because of how I feel and how hard it used to be to share food and how much of my life revolves around me making sure I have enough to eat. Since acknowledging this, this behavior has subsided and changed completely.

Why is it that I am happier in certain places, weather, clothes, and around certain people? For example, I have lived most of my life in San Diego, a place where people think the weather is always “perfect” yet I am happiest in cold weather. The indescribable pull and desire to live in Europe, and when I did, I was happy and felt I was “home”? Why some food, places and holidays, and people feel more like “home” or comfortable than others will ever feel? I mean I could literally go on forever with questions. So I will stop here for now.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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