“Excuses be gone” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“Excuses be gone” is the latest book I have read this year (on CD of course). This book is read by the Author who by the time is 68 years old and quite wise.

I found it to be very helpful, especially because at the time I was in the midst of stopping my extremely bad habit of smoking, this gave me that extra “You go girl” I needed. It also reminded me of the excuses we make every single day without consideration or realization of what we are telling the universe.

For me the message I was sending the universe was the opposite of what I wanted, so being aware of that, I could and can make the change necessary to bring me my desires.

I encourage you to listen or read this book, as it can only help you along your journey.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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