Developing Self-Awareness


Developing Self-Awareness

The following steps can be done to gradually train oneself in improving self-awareness:

While walking in a safe area, take time to notice the beauty of nature and the colors and shapes of things. Awaken your senses as you focus on the things you can see, hear, and feel.

Try to develop concentration on one thing. When walking, look at something you have not noticed before, may it be a tree, a sign, or a shop.

Focus your attention on other things when you get frustrated or annoyed at a particular situation. Ignoring the negative emotions can enable you to reflect or focus on other things that can make you feel better.


Do these things daily to improve focus that can be used in frustrating situations. With the passage of time, you can keep your thoughts and emotions under control to lead you to acting and behaving properly.

Self-awareness is done not to suppress negative emotions but to avoid dwelling on them too much. Negative emotions should be acknowledged, but focus on other things is needed to avoid getting anxious and depressed over unfavorable circumstances. A classic exercise done is to imagine yourself standing on a platform of a subway while waiting for the train to pass. Each train car represents stress, fear, and failure, and as they pass, you wave to acknowledge them. Seeing them pass by represents that you are aware that they are present. However, you know that they will soon pass because negative emotions do not stay for long.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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