As I am learning to love myself… build boundaries…

I find that as I am learning to love myself, I am setting boundaries. Boundaries that I should have had in place for years if not since childhood. I did not have clear boundaries, because of fear. Fear of loosing what I thought was love, acceptance and respect. It turns out that the very people I was so afraid of losing, if I set boundaries, were the exact people, I needed to have boundaries with and enforce them.

Since I have been valuing myself and recognizing that I deserve to be respected, love and admired I finally feel that I am able and need to put up boundaries, even and especially if that meant to cut certain people out of my life completely and not feel badly about it.

It feels amazing to finally love myself enough to say “NO MORE” or simply “NO!” I will not accept that behavior, or disrespect, or simply say “that is NOT o.k!” Sadly my list of friends has shorten in the process, but as my Grandmother would say, “It is better to be alone, than in bad company!”

No one is worth my dignity or self esteem. I came into this world alone and I will leave it alone.

Thankful, Grateful and blessed!!! 

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