Left side


I cut my thumb in a freakish way. I am still scratching my head about it. As I think about my injury which turns out to be significant, because I severed my tendon and needed immediate surgery. I realize that every time I have hurt myself it has been on my left side.

I broke my jaw on the left side, broke and then severely sprained my left foot, my left implant capsulated, my left ovary had a tumor, left eye got infected and now my thumb on the left hand.

I wonder what this left side thing is about… No clue why, but there must be a reason… One of my friends said it represents male energy…I have to look into it, but now concentrating on healing, had first post op Monday, start physical therapy Tuesday, twice a week for four weeks.

It will be nice when this too is a distant memory. For now truly thankful this is the only ailment I have.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!



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