For the last week, I have been planning, shopping and organizing my kitchen for my upcoming “Friendsgiving” I was having this past 11/11.

For some reason I had been drawn to a particular glass bowl on the top shelf of my cabinet. I would think I should use it, but would decide not to by choosing a different bowl to use, looking back I wish I had not made the decision I had because I would find myself in a different predicament today.

Before my guest were to arrive, my sink acted up, I had the maintenance man stop by to clear the sink, he finished at 11, my guest arrived between 11:30-12:15, we chatted and enjoyed a cheese platter, while I finished cooking since I was a bit delayed by the plumber in the middle of the kitchen.

Eventually we moved to the dinning table to enjoy the feast.  It was a great time with great women, I was sad to see them leave.

Once they have left I immediately started washing dishes and loading the dishwasher, as I stood their with the open cabinet in front of me, that same glass bowl I had thought of so many times in the past week, came crashing down, shattering and severing the tendon in my thumb.

As usual, I tried to blow it off, but when I realized I could not move my finger, I knew it was more than a simple cut.

Turns out I had to have surgery under general anesthesia, woke out of it in the most pain I have ever experienced in my 47 years, they gave me morphine twice before the pain was tolerable.

Thank goodness my Aunt picked me up from surgery center and took me to her home so I could recover that day.


Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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