This letter is to my Tiota, my Aunt, my Fathers youngest sister. One of my soulmates, who obviously came here for her own lessons, but also to help me with mine. She is the youngest girl/woman of three, I am lucky to have great aunts, they obviously share the same DNA,  yet they are very different personalities, all wonderful in their own way, they have had struggles and challenges as we all have, but have come out ahead in the end.

This letter is about my Aunt who I call Tiota! She knows who she is, and the rest of the family does as well. There are no secrets, anymore.

If it wasn’t for her unconditional love and support, I am not sure how well I would be doing. That is also when I know that we must have made an agreement before incarnating. That I would have her love, that I would not or could not deny, ignore or disbelieve.

Today is her birthday, Happy Birthday Tiota!!! I love you!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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