A path not taken


I feel that we have and make choices in our lives that shape, inspire, form and teach us lessons we need in order for our Souls to grow. I believe the choices we make are like a fork in the road, depending on the choice, reaction and actions determine the outcome and the next set of “forks” in the road.

I know I have made decisions that have marked my life by teaching me so many valuable things. One road I did not take, is the one of going away to boarding school in Switzerland. A choice I would live to regret and wonder “what if?”  but I would have missed others, so I can’t really regret the choice, just wonder what the different paths would have showed me, and taught me.

I do believe my life would be much different than it is today. Since, this is the path I have chosen, I chose to be as present as possible and when not, try to pull myself to be.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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