22 Things You Can Do to Love Yourself by Ashley Paige Part 1

Stop nit-picking.

First and foremost, the endless barrage of self-criticisms and nit-picking must end. Learn to change the dialogue in your head! “More often than not, your belief isn’t rooted in fact, but assumption,” says Dating With Dignity CEO Marni Battista. “Maybe you assume you aren’t smart because of one insignificant incident.” Keep things in perspective — you’re only human (one who makes mistakes once in a while!), and you are good enough.

Keep a positivity journal.

To really gear up and switch the direction of your thoughts, try maintaining a positivity journal. This will keep your spirits up and encourage joy and gratitude.

Take a break from dating.

Unless you’re already in a happy, committed relationship — which is hard to attain if you’re plagued with self-doubt — take a break from dating. After all, learning to love yourself first is imperative for a fulfilling romantic connection. Carve the time out to focus on yourself, because you deserve it!


It’s no secret that exercise boosts your mood, which paves the way for self-love. Not to mention, taking care of your body will recharge your self-esteem!

Prioritize what YOU want.

Make a list of the things you love most, and why. Maybe watching Netflix with a bowl of kettle corn puts a smile on your face faster than just about anything (we feel you, girl). Or maybe you find your happy place when you’re decorating cakes. Prioritize these on a scale of one to ten, and make a pact with yourself to engage in each and every one by the end of the week, the month, the year (depending on how big your list is!). Fun, right?!

Read a good book.

Books can change your life for the better . . . the ones on this list are a wonderful starting point!

Rid yourself of toxic connections.

It’s time to ditch the “friend” who constantly cuts you down with subtle, passive-aggressive barbs. You’re on a journey, and there’s no room for toxins where you’re headed.

Drink less.

It’s SO tempting to end a bad day with a bottle of cabernet, but let’s face it — drinking isn’t the best way to deal with your problems. Sure, a glass or two here and there is perfectly acceptable, but you know if you’re popping the corks a little too often. Limit yourself to libations once a week.

Learn to enjoy alone time.

Facing alone time can be intimidating if you’re feeling not so good about yourself or have recently been through a major breakup. Sleeping alone at night after the end of a relationship is a scary struggle, in particular. But it’s essential that you face your fears and realize you alone are fabulous company. Besides, having extra time to do everything you desire is pretty amazing! (And as for the sleeping problem? Just invest in a huge snuggly teddy bear!).

Take a vacation.

It’s been your dream to visit Taiwan for years, but life got in the way and it sort of just fell down the pipeline. Now’s your chance to officially make it happen while you’re still young and able! Browse Pinterest for travel tips. Plan your budget. Take the time off of work. Buy the plane ticket! (In that order, more or less.) Leap on the chance, because you won’t always have it.

Eat healthier.

Have you ever felt downright awesome after eating a nutritious meal? We thought so! Putting yummy, healthy food into your body is a simple remedy for self-love.

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