22 Things You Can Do to Love Yourself by Ashley Paige Part 2


Invest in your career.

Since working is what you do most, put your heart and soul into it! Whether you’re content in the field you’re in or wish to pave a new career path, discover and establish your passion . . . and work hard. Everyone gets a case of the Mondays from time to time, but if you love what you do, the rewards are abundant!

Go shopping.

Hey, who says retail therapy doesn’t lift your spirits? No one. Besides, buying clothes that fit well can make all the difference in your self-esteem.

Make new friends.

Attend a Meetup once a week. Show the new girl the best bar in town. Hit up your neighbor for brunch. Get to know your brother’s girlfriend. Overcoming social anxiety and surrounding yourself with new pals will put you on top of the world, fast.

Value your education.

No matter where you’re at in your education, value it! At the risk of sounding nerdy, the learning process is kind of beautiful . . . especially with all the resources at your fingertips. It’s possible to become an expert in virtually anything.


When you’re stressed AF, try a quick guided imagery exercise. You don’t have to be a guru to achieve zen!

Care for your appearance.

The skin you’re in will last you a lifetime, so take care of it with a thorough cleaning routine! And make sure you’re always polished for the office. You don’t have to go all out with a smoky eye and contour, but looking presentable, from your hairstyle to the shoes you wear, will work wonders for your confidence. Here, POPSUGAR beauty editors share their skincare and makeup tips!

Get a pet.

Maybe it can’t be proven that pets help you love yourself, but they certainly love you. If you’re financially stable and crave a living, breathing cuddle buddy (RIP, huge snuggly teddy bear), consider a furry friend. There’s nothing like an adorable animal to greet you at the door every day!

Take up a new hobby.

Playing the guitar has been on your bucket list for ages, but you just got busy with other sh*t. It’s never too late to take up a new hobby, which can be incredibly fulfilling . . . especially if you stick with it!

Step out of your comfort zone.

You’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but you’re worried you won’t make it to the end. Lace up your Nikes and train, lady! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone whenever you can. Breaking out of your bubble will give you a healthy dose of self-esteem.


If your room is a mess, your life might be a mess, too. This could be an overstatement, but you’d be amazed by how far a little organizing can go. Not only will things look better, but you’ll feel like everything — big and small — is falling into place, too. So cancel next Sunday’s plans and take the day to clean out your closet . . . literally and figuratively.

Answer to no one.

Remember: when it comes down to it, this is your life, and you should do what you damn well please with it. You can make your dreams happen; you can become everything you’ve ever wanted. It all starts with a little self-love.

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