3 Divorce Lawyers Give Us Their Best Marriage Advice By Kate Friedman

This might seem a bit contradictory, but divorce lawyers might actually make fantastic marriage counselors. Think about it: They’ve seen everything that doesn’t work in action, so by using the process of elimination they could probably tell us what does. Which is why it seemed like a good idea to probe three of them for some quality advice. Since it’s estimated that about half of today’s marriages end in either divorce or permanent separation, most couples would likely benefit from some professional suggestions from the people who have seen it all.

Of course, the reason a marriage ends in divorce is different for every couple, but when we asked the lawyers to discuss how to maintain a happy marriage, there were a few things they all agreed on:

  1. Understand that marriage is a serious legal commitment (in addition to a personal one).

  2. Know exactly what you want in a spouse and realize the person you love may not change.

  3. Talk about your finances.

  4. Just because a girlfriend or boyfriend is exciting doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make a good spouse for you.
  5. If you have to get a divorce, try to stay calm.

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