The heart can take so much

It is almost unbelievable to me, that the heart can take so much hurt, pain, disappointment, back stabbings, betrayals and devastation and not break into a million pieces, literally because figuratively mine has.

Sometimes I wonder, how the heck am I still here on earth? When the thought of quitting my time here, we call life, has crossed my mind too many times to count. Yet here I am, trying to be better, find patience when it is difficult, be kind to others and myself, all while also keeping a positive outlook on life, finding forgiveness where once there was none, and being optimistic during the dark times.

One thing I can say has saved my life, and me from wasting it. GOD, my faith and love for my Guardian Angels and the Universe, believing that everything happens for a reason, nothing is thrown our way we cant manage, I am never truly alone, through it all I am still thankful, and grateful, knowing God loves me.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!




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