As much as I try to connect and get along with my Mother, I am faced with more to forgive and overcome. I am sure this has to be another life lesson, the one of forgiveness and love even to the woman, who keeps on hurting, chastising and  criticizing me, words may not literally cut through your skin but they do cut through your soul.

It causes me  pain just having her words whirl around in my head. I pray the universe helps me, to forgive and love her no matter what she throws up on me and the hatred I have witnessed when she looks at me.

I am sorry I am not and never have been good enough for you Mother. I am sorry I do not nor will I ever hate my Father as you wish me to, I am sorry I won’t roll around in the mud with you, I am sorry I have a mind of my own and I am sorry you have so much hate in your heart.

I wish my Mother would look down at her body and realize what all the hatred she has in her heart and mind has done to her physically, It has crippled her and she still doesn’t get it. For that my heart breaks and I am truly sorry!

3** This book, helped explain the behavior.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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