I am starting to miss…

I am starting to miss connecting with the outer world. I am a home body, more like a couch potato that works out at lunch time, only because I run home after work to plop myself down on my couch to watch an endless stream of reality TV shows.

I avoid socializing during the week, as there are to many shows to watch, and not enough time to do it in one night, if I have less than 6  a night at home, I cannot function well the next day. WTF! Why am I wasting my life like this? Two answers come to me very quickly. The first is, that it is a bad habit I have from my parents, mostly my mother, the other is I have no one to do anything with on a consistent basis, a person who’s company I would enjoy more than my shows. I do try at times to push myself out of my self imposed prison, only to find that being out and about, is not worth the effort of putting on make up only to have to remove it, and thinking of outfits to wear.

This way of  living has to change, before I die of boredom. I wish I was able to move passed my insecurities and limiting beliefs.

It is a new year, and I refuse for it to be the same as the last. My intention is to push pass my “comfort zone”, after all what is the worst that could happen…

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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