Actual letter I emailed my Mother….

  • Mom,
    I wanted to take a minute, to tell you that after this experience with my thumb, I have realized what a horrible journey you have been on, with your RA and surgeries. I am truly sorry you have experienced such pain. I am sorry I was not there for you emotionally or physically.
    Please know that you are always in my prayers, I pray for your healing, your well being, your peace. I only have ever wished for your love and acceptance. As much as you might want to fight me on this, I do love you very much and appreciate all you have done and been for me.
    I would have not been able to leave Sweden, if you hadn’t opened your home and arms to my return, which I am sure saved my life.
    I am truly sorry for ever hurting you by loving another person. My love for anyone else does not diminish my love for you, as I am sure your loving your other children or people doesn’t diminish your love for me.
    I think one of our issues is that we feel or experience or show love in different ways. It would help me vastly to know exactly how to show you, how much I love you?!
    Mom! I am not giving up on you, me or us. So lets work together as we did in our business (which was successful)
    Important for both us to do:
    Respect one another.
    Be kind , be patient, come from a place of love
    In the end I believe we have the same goal in the end… at least I hope so.
    Love always,

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