Day with Dad


I think some of you may think, why is spending a day with your Dad something to talk about, it is a normal thing to do.

Not for me, or a lot of people in my family. Holidays, birthdays, weekends, etc. are not assumed to be spent with him or any other family member for that matter. It is truly a sad thing. So, if you have family and you are lucky enough to see them often or on a regular basis, consider yourself lucky. As not all of us do.

He and I come together seamlessly. He is a peculiar person, his peculiarities don’t bother me as they once did.  I can let them go, maybe it is because I am similar? Or because I have been able to forgive him, in spite of himself?

I identify with him, which is something to be said, it means a lot to me, to see and feel I am similar to someone in my family,  I don’t have this with my own mother. which I find  curious.  After all, she carried me for nine months in her womb,  yet it seems like I was an alien to her, someone she did not know or want to know.

I am thankful I was at least given one parent I could identify with, It is more than my  mother had since she was given up for adoption, I think this fact might affect her ability to connect to others, even her own child.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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