Happy Birthday Jeanine!

IMG_1783(Jeanine and Me on our birthday 1999)

Happy Birthday to my dear friend of over 32 years.

Today is your 50th!!! I can hardly believe we met so very long ago in high school. I am thankful that after many ups and downs, turns and obstacles in our relationship, we have made it this far and that our friendship is stronger than ever.

I love so many things about you other than being a fellow Piscean. You have a lot of the characteristics I wish I had and through you I have experienced what it is to be more laid back, calm and tolerant.


Thank you being that kind soul I need in my life. I love you!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Jeanine!

  1. Thank you for your kind sweet words . I feel the same about u ,I love u likey a sister and I know we will be in each other’s life till we are old and gray. Picses stick together can’t wait to see u . I’m at the airport going back talk to u see love you always

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