Close call


Last minute I hear from my mother as usual, to let me know she is in town and if I have time to see her. It was Friday afternoon, and most people have plans. As it turns out I did have plans to have dinner by myself because I had a Groupon I needed to use, before it expired.

So, I extended the invite for her to join me, she pleasantly accepted and an hour later, she was picking me up.

She had never been to my place before and arrived to the opposite side of the street, so I  looked both ways an ran across the street, as soon as I got across, which couldn’t have taken more that five seconds, I heard this loud screeching sound, when I turned around, I saw a car that had lost control because of his speed and sharp turn, he fishtailed into the driveway, I had just stood at not five seconds before hand. He would have seriously injured me if not killed me. I was in shock as I stood there, realizing how incredibly blessed I am and how protected my angels keep me.

Of course, I tell my mother what I had just experienced and by the end of the evening, she had included herself in the possible freak accident that almost occurred to me.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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