May Open A Doorway To Remembering Your Past Lives

CovelliteCovellite With Gold Flashes

Covellite is a stone to transform your dreams into reality, by enhancing a positive outlook.

It has strong metaphysical properties and by utilizing its energy correctly you can bring miracles into your life.

This lovely stone helps you to open a doorway to the past, and supports you as you remember the wisdom that you may have obtained in past lives.

It may help to trigger psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, and may help to enhance lucid dreaming, astral travel and past life recall.

Where Is It From? Covellite Meaning

Some of the best pieces of this stone comes from Montana in the USA, but deposits of this stone have also been found in Italy, Germany, Sardinia, Wales, Alaska and Peru. Its color ranges dark blue to black, with a shimmer of gold or red color on the surface.

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the person who first discovered it, as it was named for Nicholas Covelli, who first found specimens of the stone in Italy.

It is a powerful stone to use to pursue lifetimes from the past, and to review and release the karma associated with events from those lives. By allowing certain individuals to access the Akashic records in the etheric realm, Covellite helps you in this quest.

Why Would You Use It?

Covellite will stimulate the chakra for psychic ability, the third eye chakra as well as the highest chakra in the physical body, the crown chakra.

This is a crystal that stimulates a positive outlook on life, and may assist you to transform your dreams into reality. Yet this stone is something of a contradiction in some ways, as it is not always an easy stone to work with.

It may assist you with making contact with spirit guides, and is a powerful stone overall to stimulate your psychic abilities.

It may trigger the psychic visionary gifts such as clairvoyance or psychic visions, the ability to lucid dream, astral travel and past life recall.

Its vibration may assist you with discovering how to be psychic, and it will promote and support the journey into the deeper, dark side of your spirit.

This may trigger negative reactions in some individuals, but because of it’s ability to promote the positive side, it may make this journey easier to take.

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