I need signs


I need signs right now from my guides, for my future plans. I am being as mindful and present as possible to see, hear and feel whatever they are trying to show me, tell, or guide me towards. I feel I need to make moves that will change the course of my life as it has been, stagnant, boring and monotonous.

I can feel changes happening within me, these feelings will manifest in my attitude, behavior, wishes and desires, that will ultimately come out in a way that has not been anticipated by those who have taken advantage of me.

This is one of the ways I manifest my passive aggressive behavior. Which I need to address.

Between my fears, anxiety and insecurities, I find myself lost in indecision and fear. All of which have been paralyzing. overcoming them is my goal.

I am determined to make changes necessary for my growth. “I want it, I allow it, and it is!”

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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