When in Seattle…


I recently visited Seattle, thinking, praying and considering if I should move there from San Diego.

The weather is typical Seattle weather, its raining, cold and grey.

I went to visit the Swedish Club and while the club itself was underwhelming, the view reminded me of being in Stockholm, which also reminded me of how much I liked living there and how this grey weather is something that not only doesn’t bother me, but I rejoice in.

When people say how beautiful the weather is in San Diego,  I agree but the sun and heat don’t make me that happy. I actually avoid being in the sun and dislike sweating more than my words can describe, I have more energy when it is colder and cloudy.

I also reconnected with a woman I went to high school with thirty some years ago, and even though we were not close by any means then, I know I can call her a friend now, and one I look forward to knowing better.

So my short trip was a success and a place I feel I can call home someday soon.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 




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