Learning to be open


It is quite a lesson, to learn to be open to others. Not an easy en devour, when literally every person I have trusted, loved, and accepted has betrayed me in some way, some more than once.

I face the reality of either living my life never thinking I can trust any human being, or being vulnerable to those I trust. Vulnerable because the people you let in are the ones that can hurt you the most.

By the mear realization of the hurt, betrayal and lies I have endured,  I know how strong I am, and so far unbreakable.

No matter the amount of times, I have felt devastation, I am still here, willing to learn, live and love. I think this says a lot about my character and more about my soul and its growth.

I am here to learn, and by golly I will make the utmost to do that, come hell or high water!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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