You would think…. a mother…


You would think a parent, especially a Mother would always want her children to get along and love each other.

Not mine!!! It is honestly quite unbelievable. She wants or needs us all to love her, (three of us) yet she doesn’t care if we love, respect or care for each other. She does the opposite of trying to unite her children, she stands between us with open arms to keep us distant, instead of  pull us together.

Why is this? Is it because she was given up for adoption? Because she was an only child, and doesn’t know how to share? or because of her borderline personality disorder? Jealousy?  None of them??

I still know in my heart, that regardless of her actions or lack there of, the jealousy and cruelty she has showed me,  is something I am working through in order to heal that hurt and damaged part of me.

I must find forgiveness in my heart and love her anyway. (This I was told was one of my lessons this lifetime). Not only for her, but for me as well.

The pain can be worth it, if in the end I learn and grow, which I feel I am and have.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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