Others criticism/ opinion

Have you ever run across a person or people who truly believe it is their “duty” to tell you, or point out your flaws?

I find it humorous now,  which was not the case before hand, I would take it personally feeling attacked and criticized which in turn made me defensive. Now, I know with full certainty that what another sees in you or thinks they do, is actually a flaw or behavior they have, which they do not like about themselves.

They are holding up a mirror. Like they say “It is not you, it’s me”!

I’ve been guilty of this, after all I am human. Now I try to figure out why I am feeling a certain way, and see if I can heal it within myself without judging, hurting or insulting anyone in the process, including myself.

I started writing this blog about a week ago, and a few days ago, this happened to me. An acquaintance sent me the nastiest text message, calling me all kinds of names, and labeling me. I was taken back by it, as her examples were all false.

Anyway, I sat back and reminded myself of this fact, then only felt sorry that she feels that way about herself.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!  


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