The letter…


After 33 years I finally read a letter I had kept from my Father.

Mind you, in the last 33 years, I have lived in Sweden, Orange County, Las Vegas and back to San Diego, my point is that I have lost a million things in all my moves, if I didn’t loose them I gave them away, or threw them away. I have very little that I have kept with me, one of those few things was a letter my Dad wrote me, on December 16, 1985 which was his birthday.

I have run across this letter each time I have gone through my papers, and felt fear of reading it, thinking it would be something negative. I did not remember why I had kept it for so long, and automatically assumed the worst.

I finally had the courage to face my fear and read it. When I did, I was shocked! It was a beautiful letter written by a person who truly loves me (In his way) and always has. A love and connection that has threatened both my own mother and stepmother. Both of which will never be able to break the bond between my Father and I, as much as they have tried, and tried they have.

This is the kind of thing that makes me believe even more in past lives, even thought I have no doubt.

My Father and I have had tons of challenges with each other this lifetime, but in the end we come together, the love is never lost or questioned. His personality is one that can be hard to understand and take, keeping in mind that this is not his soul but his soul having a human experience as am I, makes it a bit easier to deal with his narcissistic personality disorder.

Forgiveness, understanding and love is what keeps me going. I thank those who love me, those who challenge me, those who hurt me, all of them, through them I learn and grow.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!


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