Why is it people hesitate to tell you the very thing you need so much?


I had the pleasure of seeing my Dad again for dinner, I was actually happy to see my stepmother as I like her for the most part. As soon as I saw her, she mentioned that she had spoken with my father on the phone while she was in Colorado visiting my half brother. That he had scared her by saying, he had bad news for her, and the news was that I was possibly moving to Washington State, and how sad it made him. I think my heart grew three sizes when I heard this, not because I want to make him sad in anyway, but because he cares and that my absences will be noticed.

As usual we had more than a three hour lunch/dinner. It was great in many ways, I feel that all three of us where able to communicate with each other in a positive way.

My Dad did mention how sad he is about the demise of his relationship with my brother. I encouraged him to share that with his son. As I know how very much my brother needs to hear that, even though I am sure he won’t be able to receive it or believe it at the time,  he still needs to know, and my Dad needs to verbalize it.

I hope my father had the courage to tell him, and my brother to be able to receive it. Unfortunately I don’t feel either will happen, yet my heart is at peace knowing I tried to give my Father in a positive way, for both their benefit.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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