Speaking up!

speaking up

A kind of whistle blower! I proudly can say I have been courageous in my family and with my peers.

Being the one person who speaks out, is not going to win me the popularity contest for sure, I am not here to do that, I am here to make a difference and help those who can’t help themselves, it is necessary to speak your truth to facilitate healing or at least open the door.

It is a confrontation of reality. One that most of us don’t want to face, and honestly I don’t enjoy either,  I know my souls purpose is to heal and help others heal. One of the biggest reasons I write this blog, is because of my desire to help others with my stories, lessons, understanding through my pain, and knowledge I have gained through my experiences, good and bad, easy and painful.

Growing, healing and accepting what is, can be difficult and painful. The result I believe is worth it all.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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